Smallville Comicon Panel: Jack O’Halloran

Jack O’Halloran has lead an interesting life. He’s been a boxer (fighting with a 34-21-2 record) and an actor, starring in memorable roles such as Emil Muzz in “Dragnet” to his most famous role as the mute Kryptonian super-villain Non.  I got to attend a panel with him at Smallville Comicon 2017.

Jack taking questions from the audience during his panel.

He began with talking about boxing, which included his friendship with one-time rival, George Forman. Jack decided to hang up the gloves when he was offered an acting role in the Robert Mitchum movie Farewell My Lovely. He remarked his favorite role was acting with Robert Mitchum.

A few years later, Jack was approached by Richard Donner for the role he’s most recognized for today, Non, one of three villains opposite Christopher Reeve in Superman.

If you have ever wondered why Non never really spoke in the movie, wonder no more. The idea was Jack’s invention. He wanted Non to be almost child-like, not having a full grasp of the yellow sun given powers. He also said he’s okay with being a villain, he loved the cast, and prefers the Donner cut of the movie to Richard Lester’s Superman II cut. Jack also said that if Donner had finished Superman II, he would have done more Superman films.

When asked about the modern Superman films, Jack remarked that Man of Steel was just too dark and the costume choice was ridiculous. He also talked about how no one can do Superman like Christopher Reeve could and he thought the ones who followed Reeve just over acted.

Jack was also asked about the famous incident he had with Superman star Christopher Reeve on the set. He thought that Reeve at the time was just immature and that he harbored no ill will toward Reeve.

Jack mentioned to the audience that he was up for the role of Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me but turned it down. He remarked that he probably made Richard Kiel’s career by turning down movies that Kiel then picked up.

He closed the panel by telling the audience that he is working on a book about his life and experiences.


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