Who is Snoke? Who is Rey? Who is Luke? STAR WARS News — Salacious Crumbs Episode XLVIII


Salacious Crumbs is SciFi4Me’s up-to-the-minute news & rumor program about the Star Wars universe. Tune in every other Sunday at 6pm CST US for a brand new episode!

This week on Episode XLVIII:

00:22 – D23: stand-alone news?
01:45 – More adventure for Uncle Owen?
02:22 – Rancho Obi-Wan theft
04:16 – New authors for “A Certain Point of View”
05:35 – New Funko POP figures for SDCC
06:34 – The Last Jedi: Luke and Rey
08:00 – the blue lightsaber is officially Rey’s
09:34 – the green lightsaber?
10:47 – The Last Jedi release dates
11:05 – Luke & Leia reunion
12:00 – The Last Jedi: Finn’s return
12:45 – Who is Snoke?
13:58 – Snoke theory shutdown
15:30 – Elite Praetorian guard concept art
16:24 – Solo Solo: Thandie Newton
16:58 – Solo Solo: Donald Glover

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