Pulsar Entertainment Kicks Off $5000 Comic Creator Competition

Pulsar Entertainment just opened their doors for business and they are looking to hit the ground running! One of the first things they are doing is offering up $5000 in a talent search contest that is open to ANY comic artist with an original creation.  “It’s all about bringing together the comic book community in a way that hasn’t been done before, and giving talented creators the opportunity to showcase their work.” said Willow Polson, CoFounder at Pulsar.  [full disclosure: Polson is a past contributor for SciFi4Me]

“Stories like The Walking Dead, Saga, or Outcast might have never been green-lit by traditional publishers,” said J Allen, GM Pulsar Entertainment.“We want to allow creators to be able to fully express themselves while lowering the barriers to entry in the comic industry.”

All you have to do is follow these simple steps :


  1. Go to www.Pulsar-Entertainment.com and create a user profile.

  2. Follow the directions on the landing page to begin the contest submission process.

  3. Submit an original 8 page (maximum) comic in JPG format by June 15, 2017.

  4. If your comic reaches 200 supporter votes (from Pulsar Users) prior to June 30, 2017 you automatically qualify for the semifinals.

Pulsar Entertainment is a new web comic platform in the same vein as Image Comics. Everything they offer will be creator owned!  Pulsar is a true startup working with seasoned veterans such as comics writers RD Hall (NBC’s Heroes web comic). The company was formed through the collaboration of former competitors in the Stan Lee Seekers contest.

If you are an independent web comic creator in search of a new platform, this could be it! Pulsar offers collaboration, monetization, and digital distribution tools.  Distribution will be free on the Pulsar library and creators maintain 100% ownership of their intellectual property.

Pulsar’s goal is to launch a comic library fueled by an online community enabling joint development of new creator-owned comic book properties.


Dave Baker

I am a lifelong geek who has been collecting comics and loving B movies for 25+ years. I grew up on movies like Critters, Phantasm, Animal House, Blues Brothers, Goonies, Blade Runner, Flash Gordon (1980) and worked my way through the horror, comedy and action sections of the local video store. I currently read comics from publishers like Image, Aftershock, Black Mask, Boom, etc. I do read Karnak and Moon Knight from Marvel and All-Star Batman from DC (Snyder's current run). I am a HUGE science fiction and horror fan. My most prized comic is my complete original run of Preacher #'s 1-66 which I bought myself as they came out back in 1996. I have been attending comic conventions across the country for years and have attended Planet Comicon since it's 2nd year. I also love table-top gaming, D&D, and am currently (slowly) 3D printing a map of our custom world.

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