Locke & Key Finds an Open Door with Hulu Pilot

So it appears a pilot has been ordered for the phenomenal comic, Locke & Key created by  Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  I for one am excited to hear the news, as this series could turn into an amazing show that could live for quite a few seasons and even turn into historical period pieces.  I wanted to take a minute, break it down a bit, offer ideas for where the show can go and what people can expect.  I’m trying to give ya’ll a better idea of what’s in store beyond the typical “(printed media name) gets pilot treatment” blast.

The main story arc revolves around the Locke family and how they function as caretakers for Keyhouse manor.  For plot details you should REALLY go read the comics, but I can attempt a quick synopsis.  You see, the Locke family has looked after Keyhouse for generations.  There are mystical, magical, and even inter-dimensional things going on.  The house has keys hidden throughout it which the Lockes can use in varying ways.  Some open doors to death, some allow you to go anywhere you wish, others allow people to change form, and some can even open your mind.

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The family is beset by terrors and troubles from all sides and taking all forms.  Alcoholism, family deaths, ghosts, music boxes that can command you to do ANYTHING, and living shadows to name a few.  The show could be a VERY emotional drama that is sprinkled with the supernatural, and I can see it being compared to the first season of American Horror Story, but with some Penny Dreadful and Supernatural thrown in.  Where the supernatural and fantastic is concerned, the sky’s the limit.

The other great thing is the potential.  If the show is given the proper budget, the things that can be brought to life on the screen would be wholly original and refreshing on the thriller/horror front.  At one point, there is the physical manifestation of emotions being kept in a glass jar.  There is also the fact that the Locke family has been here for generations.  That opens up the possibility for entire seasons set from the Civil War era all the way through modern times.  Entire seasons could be dedicated to one generation!  The show could aesthetically reinvent itself after a story arc is told, essentially becoming an anthology series. Imagine Civil War horror, Victorian horror, modern horror, and more all from a single show!

Then to top it all off, Joe Hill wrote the script and Scott Derrickson is supposed to be directing it (at this time anyways)!  Derrickson recently helmed the new Doctor Strange movie, which was the best visually charged movie I’ve seen in a long time.  I really can’t think of a better crew to have behind the production on this pilot.  I truly hope this series sees the light of day.

Dave Baker

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