BOMB SHELTER Drill #3: Jay & Kevin Get Caught in a STARCRASH

Episode 3 ~ Starcrash (1978)

Kevin and Jay travel to a galaxy far, far away to discuss the blatantly obvious Star Wars ripoff, Starcrash.

Smugglers, light swords (not sabers), a robot with an accent, and a rescue of royalty. Delivered with sincerity, but not spectacularly so. And what’s with the robot Elle coming from Texas? There are so many elements of Star Wars in this film, but it’s all haphazardly mixed, like someone made a list of plot devices, put them in a blender, and threw the switch. But it’s not all bad, right? The Hoff is in it…


Jay McDowell

Jay McDowell is a walking vault of completely useless knowledge & trivia (great for a game of Trivial Pursuit, lousy in a zombie apocalypse). He saw a certain movie set in a galaxy far, far away in the theatre at the age of five & never looked back, pop culturally speaking. He watches an unhealthy amount of truly atrocious sci-fi & horror B-movies (he watched ‘Manos’: The Hands of Fate with his new bride on their honeymoon; inexplicably, she’s still with him). Episodic television was ruined for him by Lost. He thinks pizza is Nature’s perfect food, encompassing all five food groups (meat, dairy, grains, vegetables & grease) in every bite.

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