PHOENIX FORGOTTEN Teases On The 20th Anniversary Of The Phoenix Lights

On March 13th, 1997, three teens disappeared in Phoenix, Arizona after an unprecedented and inexplicable phenomenon known as “The Phoenix Lights.” Twenty years later, an unseen video from their expedition has surfaced and Cinelou Films is releasing it, titled Phoenix Forgotten, in theaters for audiences to join in the search for answers to what happen that night.

The film is produced by the team behind The Martian and 300: Wes Ball, T.S. Nowlin, Ridley Scott, Mark Canton, and Courtney Solomon. This will be Justin Barber’s feature directorial debut, which he co-wrote with Nowlin.

Actors Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews, Luke Spencer Roberts, Cyd Strittmatter, and Jeanine Jackson star.

On that fateful night, there were reports of two different incidents from hundreds of people in the Phoenix area. The first was a triangular formation of lights that moved across the city from the Northwest to the Southwest. Those who witnessed this said it was on huge V-shaped ship, the size of several football fields, producing no sounds except something similar to rushing wind, and it had five spherical lights leading to the edges. The second incident was a series of stationary lights that simply hovered. This was claimed by the United States Air force later as a training exercise, flares that were dropped by am A-10 Warhog aircraft.

Phoenix Lights

The film follows the investigation of a documentary filmmaker and the younger sister of one of the missing teens. Using the newly found footage and other documentation of the night, they try to figure out what happened that night when the three kids disappeared in the desert, investigating the UFO sighting and discovering some alien horrors.

Nowlin wanted the movie to have an authentic feel, what really could have happened with this unsolved case. He also stated they researched as many real-life accounts as they could, looking for people who witnessed the lights.

The crew behind the new movie PHOENIX FORGOTTEN recreated the “Phoenix Lights” UFO phenomenon at South by Southwest on March 13, 2017. Courtesy Cinelou Films

They debuted the teaser trailer at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas this past week, which is the twentieth anniversary of the disappearance. Drones were used to recreate the sudden appearance of the lights in the night sky.

Phoenix Forgotten will be released April 21, 2017.

Watch the teaser and tell us what you think!

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