Down Home Horror HARROW COUNTY Wins 2016 Ghastly Awards

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Harrow County is a small patch of Americana overflowing with witches, haints, gods, and monsters, brought to life since 2015 by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Tyler Crook in the Dark Horse comic of the same name. Harrow County was nominated in 2016 for an Eisner Award in the Best New Series category (losing out to Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang).



On the eve of the 2016 Eisner Award nominees announcement, Harrow County just won several Ghastly Awards, including Best Ongoing Title, Best Writer (Cullen Bunn) and Best Artist (Tyler Crook). The Ghastly Awards began in 2011 to honor the best in horror comics and are named after famed horror comic artist Graham Ingles. If you’ve ever seen stories from The Vault of Fear, Tales from the Crypt, or The Vault of Horror, you’ve seen the signature Ingles style – full of “swampy surroundings, mutilated cadavers, and vengeance-seeking zombies.”


Blood, snakes, and broken glass on the cover of  Harrow County Issue 21 (Image courtesy DarkHorse.Com)

Until Syfy actually makes a series based on Harrow County, the comic (both single issues and four collected editions) are the best introduction to this rural, haunted world. Harrow is one of the comics I make a point of buying in single issues as soon as they hit our Local Comic Store. Bonus content, including extra “Tales of Harrow County” and stories of “true life” hauntings sent in by fellow readers, make this title feel like a group of friends relating tales around a campfire.

The Skinless Boy – Emmy’s loyal friend and protector (image courtesy Harrow

Emmy Crawford, a young woman protecting both the supernatural and human worlds that co-exist in Harrow County, lives with her Pa in a rural farmhouse. But like everything around her, Emmy is more than she appears. From The Skinless Boy to her beloved Pa, her home is full of terror and wonders. We’ve only begun to learn the mythology of Harrow County, and I can’t wait to see where Bunn and Crook’s Americana horror story goes next.

If you’re intrigued by Harrow County, here are a few resources (in addition to the newest issue at your LCS) –

Harrow– not updated recently, but full of great art and links to the Harrow County soundtracks.

Dark Horse Comics – official site


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