TRON 3 Possibly Finds New Life And Jared Leto

After the decent success of 2010’s TRON: Legacy, it appeared that everyone was on board for the third installment of the franchise – until Disney pulled the breaks. Now is seems those breaks have been removed and the TRON train is moving forward, including talks with Jared Leto to lead.

Legacy grossed only a $400 million dollars on its $170 million budget. While it was enough to warrant a third film, which started its development in 2015, it looked like Disney was more interested in the other more financially successful franchises of from Lucasfilm and Marvel. As Director Joseph Kosinski stated in a recent interview, “TRON 3 is in cryogenic freeze. So, it’s there. It’s not dead. It’s alive, but it’s sitting there, waiting for the right time to move forward.”

The script for the third film, called TRON: Ascension, was about 80% finished. It picks up at the end of Legacy with Quorra coming into the real world. Kosinski described that the idea for Ascension was “the first act was in the real world, the second act was in the world of TRON, or multiple worlds of TRON, and the third act was totally in the real world. And I think that really opens up, blows open the concept of TRON in a way that would be thrilling to see on screen.” This agrees with what actor Olivia Wilde has said about the plot before the project was cancelled.

When Disney originally shelved the project, it was said that Jared Leto was going to take the lead role. Apparently, they still feel the same way about the actor because he is now in talks to not only star but also produce the movie with Justin Spring and Emma Ludbrook.

Leto’s would play a new character called Ares. Based on what has been seen on Ascension’s script, Ares is listed as a “key player” which means they could develop the character for future films as well as weaving in some of the stories that Legacy left a little empty.

Leto was last seen in Suicide Squad as The Joker and will next appear in Blade Runner 2049 along with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.


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