SON OF ZORN Arrives At the (Season? Series?) Finale


Season 1, Episode 13: “All Hail Son of Zorn”
Written by Reed Agnew
Directed by Claire Scanlon

[All photos courtesy Fox Broadcasting Co.]

Zypheria is under attack! Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), however, doesn’t care. He’s happy in Orange County with his job and his love and his family.

Edie (Cheryl Hines) and Craig (Tim Meadows) get married and Zorn has a garage sale to sell his old stuff.

Everything must go!

Alan (Johnny Pemberton) was planning on going to the prom, but with Layla (Clara Mamet) hating him now, there’s no reason to go. Zorn tells him to make a grand gesture to win her back.

Meanwhile, at Sanitation Solutions, Zorn and Linda (Artemis Pebdani) are wasting time watching Nurse Jackie, when Todd (Mark Proksch) asks Linda to watch the office while he goes away on business. Zorn tells Linda that this would be a good time to win her job back.

“Son of Zorn” reminds you to put down your phone, especially during a wedding.

Alan’s grand gesture fails, so Craig and Zorn decide to help Alan win Layla back.

Linda asks Zorn to help her get some new customers, so he makes a call to Zypheria and gets a big sale from the Mud Men. Unfortunately, they pay in goats.

Those are some funky goats.

Craig and Zorn try to get Alan made prom king. They do by getting Sanitation Solutions to sponsor the prom. The plan works and Alan gets made King. However, this has the opposite effect on Layla. He gives up the crown, injuring an already injured football player and loses his popularity. He wins Layla back with this grand gesture.

They end up sitting in the back of her car.

Meanwhile, at the office, Todd takes the blame for putting Linda in charge and fires himself. Linda gets her job back.

Stop, in the name of love.

Zypheria is close to falling to the forces of Vulchizor; however, Zorn still doesn’t care. He does care, though, when Alangulon comes in and announces that he’s pregnant. Apparently, he wasn’t warned that it’s possible for Zypherian males to suck up the woman’s egg into themselves and become pregnant.

Zorn goes to get some celebratory balloons…when a van pulls up and abducts him.

We find out that Vulchizor has abducted Zorn, he wants the Staff of Quib in exchange for Zorn’s life. Meanwhile, we see that he’s on a cargo ship, almost at Zypheria.


So, we have finally reached the finale (season or series, who’s to say) of Son of Zorn. I hope we get a second season, they really need to resolve the cliffhanger. It would probably have been a better idea not to have ended on the cliffhanger, but I’m not the writer, just a reviewer.

The last episode, “The Quest for Craig” earned a series low rating of 1.40. A renewal looks bleak right now.

As far as episodes go, this episode was kinda middling, not great but not terrible.

Zorn has committed himself to staying in Orange County for good. He even sells off his old Zypherian stuff.  Unfortunately, he’s gonna need the Staff of Quib, trouble is it’s been given to Goodwill. Of course, I wonder if selling those weapons and mystical objects in a yard sale was a good idea.

We do get a resolution to Lynda’s problem of being demoted. She and Zorn improve business and cause Todd to fire himself. Now she just has to deal with the Zypherian goats and the crazy trading scheme that needs to be done to launder them into money. Good thing she still has Zorn…or she did until Vulchizor kidnapped him.

So we learn something very important about Zypherian male anatomy: they have two penises. This leads to another storyline for season two as they lead to Alan becoming pregnant because he had unprotected sex with Layla. The pregnancy sounds terrible as the baby will be born out of Alan’s back. Ouch.

I really like that these past few episodes have dovetailed into each other. Unfortunately, Fox kind of killed any momentum episodes like this have when they keep interrupting the schedule! At least The Last Man on Earth starts each episode with “Previously on The Last Man on Earth” to remind you what happened before. Son of Zorn had none of that and it might be canceled because of it.

Let’s say there’s a season two. I’m guessing we’ll have a few episodes in Zypheria as the family tries to rescue Zorn. Will the Son of Zorn have a Son of Alan?

Do you want a season two? Would you be willing to contact Fox to get that season two? Or would you like to see it moved to Netflix or another channel?


Son of Zorn airs Sunday at 8:30/7:30 Central on Fox. It can also be found on Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, and For more information, visit the official website.



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