Netflix Announces TRAVELERS For Second Season

Netflix and Canada’s Showcase have announced the second season of their joint effort, Travelers. The original time-traveling sci-fi series stars Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), MacKenzie Porter (Hell on Wheels), Nesta Cooper (Heroes Reborn), Reilly Dolman (Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse), Jared Abrahmson (Awkward.), and Patrick Gilmore (You Me Her).

Set hundreds of years in the future, the last surviving humans discover how to transport their consciousness back in time and into people in the 21st century. These travelers assume the lives of their hosts, secretly working together, performing missions to save humanity from a terrible future.

Fan dove into the 12 episode season, which had debuted in Canada last October on Showcase and became the highest-rated new fall series across Canadian Specialty. Netflix then released it in the US and the rest of the world in December.

Season two will see the group’s realization that their actions may have altered the future in ways they had not expected.

In a statement released by McCormack, he says, “I’m as proud of Travelers as any show I’ve ever been part of. And I’m blown away by this extraordinary young cast as any group of actors I’ve ever worked with. That the entire team is Canadian is icing on the cake, which makes my friend, Brad Wright, the cherry on top.”

Wright, the show’s creator and writer who will also return for season two, states, “I couldn’t be more proud of the Canadian team who worked passionately to bring this new series to life. We are so excited to reunite in Vancouver this spring and start our work on the sophomore season for Showcase.”

Production in Vancouver will begin in March. Netflix and Showcase have yet to announce a return date.


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