SON OF ZORN Learns to Fight “The Battle of Self-Acceptance”


Season 1, Episode 11: “The Battle of Self-Acceptance”
Written by Elijah Aron & Jordan Young
Directed by Bill Benz

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We start with a flashback to Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) and Edie’s (Cheryl Hines) Zypherian Wedding. It even includes an attack and slaying by one of his enemies. A very…nice ceremony.

Don’t interrupt a Zypherian wedding!

Layla (Clara Mamet) invites Alan over to her aunt’s beach house for the weekend. Alan is worried because she’ll see his Zypherian legs.

Zorn and Alan (Johnny Pemberton) stop by Dr. Klorpnis’s (Nick Offerman) office. Alan asks the Doc if he can have some Zephyritol to make his legs look human. Klorpnis hands him some free samples.

Craig (Tim Meadows) asks Zorn to give him warrior training so he can be more of the man that he thinks Edie craves.

You’re the best, the best, nothing ever gonna keep you down.

We later get a montage of Zorn training Craig.

Alan takes the pills and his legs turn human. At the beach house, he and Lana enjoy fun in the sun…until the pills start to wear off. His sudden behavior change when he gets home causes his mom to think he’s on drugs.

Back at the office, Linda (Artemis Pabdani) has gotten demoted because the CEO doesn’t like her. Todd (Mark Proksch) has been promoted to boss. This causes Zorn to finally realize that Linda’s a woman! This causes Zorn to act chivalrous toward her.

The first one is free, the rest will cost ya. This doctor doesn’t have a moral code.

Alan can’t get more pills because he lacks the money, so he tries to burgle his own mom! Craig attacks Alan. The side effects of the withdrawals cause his whole body to turn Zypherian!

Edie tells Craig not to be a warrior, she calls Zorn to deal with Alan.

Lots of lessons are learned. Zorn realizes he has a softer side. Alan learns that he should be honest with Lana and shows her his legs.

Alan learns an important lesson.

Edie comes home to find muffins…but no Craig. He’s left. He tells her that he’s not the man for her and that she should be with Zorn.

She goes to Zorn for help…to find he just slept with Linda!



I’m not sure if Son of Zorn is going to get renewed especially with this on again, off again schedule. If it does end, this would be the second show I’ve recapped that will have gotten a full season run and then died.  Kinda makes me wonder if I’m a jinx.

The ratings did improve greatly with the last episode, making it the second-highest rating of the season behind the premiere.  So, lay off cancellation bear. We’re not dead yet. If you wanna make sure Zorn gets a season two, make your voice known to Fox!

In this episode, we get a lot of good revelations. We get to see Zorn and Edie’s Zypherian wedding. He has to stop and kill Sir Pent (get it, he’s a snake guy) in the middle of the ceremony. Not the kind of wedding a normal person would want, but perfect for Zorn.

I still like the only reason Edie showed the video to Craig was to demonstrate what hairstyle she wanted for their wedding;

it made the opposite impression on Craig.

Alan and Lana’s relationship has really gone well since we first met her at the beginning of the season. It’s great that she’s laid back and accepting of his Zypherian legs and heritage. I think they’ll go far.

Dr. Klorpnis makes a great pusher. Zypherian medicine isn’t like western medicine. The buyer has to beware, cause the doc will mess you up.

The big part of this episode is Craig. He feels truly wimpy next to big masculine Zorn. He becomes insecure about his relationship. First, he asks Zorn to help him become a warrior in hopes that it would man him up. Then when he finally uses that warrior rage, he attacks Alan. Which was Alan’s fault as Alan was trying to get money for more drugs…Dr. Klorpnis got away Scott free on this one. You would think Zorn would pay him a visit or something. Nope. Nothing about Klorpnis for the rest of the episode.

His attack on Alan causes Craig to leave Edie…in a very nice way. He leaves a basket of muffins. If I’m ever left like that I want cupcakes….or cookies.

Nothing like goodbye…with baked goods.

Another big revelation in this episode is on Zorn’s part. After Linda gets demoted, Zorn can see past her superior position to the woman that she is. It causes him to act chivalrous. She initially rejects this, but then she ends up sleeping with him. Shocking…although a few episodes back when she was drunk, she did try to put the moves on him. So she was finally able to get that latent attraction out into the open.

So, where did Craig go? What will become of Linda and Zorn? Was it just a one night fling?

Come back for the penultimate episode of this season, “The Quest for Craig”!

So, what do you think? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the episode.


Son of Zorn airs Sunday at 8:30/7:30 Central on Fox. It can also be found on Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, and For more information, visit the official website.



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