MAN AT ARMS Coming to the El Rey Network

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Are you a fan of the weapons you see in fantasy movies and in video games? Wish you could see a real working version of the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts or Wolverine’s claws from X-Men? Then you may have come across the web series Man at Arms.

Hosted by master blacksmith Tony Swatton, founder of Sword and the Stone shop in Burbank, the series started in 2013, and was a weekly show with Swatton forging various fictional weapons – and then testing them in the real world. It has been immensely popular, with the channel having over 5 million subscribers with an average 1.5 million views per episode.

Some of the weapons from the Sword and the Stone shop.

On January 13, the El Rey Network (also home to From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) announced that they are partnering with DEFY Media to bring the series to their network. The order is for eight one-hour episodes, and will be the same format as the web series.

The general manager Daniel Tibbets, in the press release, noted that the move (alongside another unscripted show, Rite of Passage) is geared toward their audience. “As we expand our slate of original programming,” Tibbets stated in the press release, “we are looking for series that are reflective of the interests, hobbies, and lives of our audience.”

The show will premiere in the first half of 2017. For more information on the current series, you can either visit the AWE Me YouTube channel or visit the Sword and the Stone’s website.


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