BEYOND Anything You’ve Seen Before! A New Series on Freeform.


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Freeform has a new, original series coming out at the beginning of January! Beyond is the name, and it looks awesome!

According to the Freeform website, Beyond is about Holden, a young man who wakes up from a coma after 12 years and discovers new abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Now Holden must try and figure out what happened to him during those 12 years, how to survive a world that changed while he was gone, and answer the question, why did this happen to him?

holden-15319214_575692209307422_6246979152861400560_n mom-15267633_575692389307404_5765440152701832355_n willa-15319296_575692252640751_3687443608348222482_n
The trailer seems to hint at possible otherworldly forces at play, not to mention supernatural abilities and just general excitement. Holden is played by Burkely Duffield, who performed in Warcraft: The Beginning and the Minority Report TV series. Romy Rosemont takes on the role of Holden’s mom, Diane, and I’ve been a fan of hers since Glee. She’s also known for The Avengers and Fringe, among other things. The mysterious woman from the store who seems to have some kind of insight into Holden’s condition is Willa, played by Dilan Gwyn. Gwyn was also in Dracula Untold, a movie that I rather liked. She looks like she’s going to be a strong counterpart and possibly a calming force in this crazy new life Holden has awoken to. I’m very interested to see all of these characters develop and to learn what exactly has happened to Holden while he was in his coma!


Because this show is on Freeform, the cast is close to the Shadowhunters group, as well. Duffield and Katherine McNamara, the lead in Shadowhunters, even just completed a trip to Disneyland together! The shows are so close, in fact, that they both premier on January 2, 2017. Shadowhunters takes to the TV first with its second season starting at 8/7c (see my first season wrap-up here), and Beyond follows immediately after at 9/8c. In an attempt to jump on the binge train, Freeform will actually be releasing the entire season on its website and app immediately after the 2-hour series premiere.

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