Recap: iZOMBIE Blinded SciFi4Chicks … With Science!


Episode 215 “He Blinded Me … With Science”
Directed by Dan Etheridge
Written by John Enborn

iZombie tries to be poetry in motion, but do they succeed? After a month long break (please stop!), Team Z is back at work solving crime in Seattle. Well, Clive and a snot-nosed kid are busy solving crime. Ravi is stressed trying to find out why the zombie cure isn’t working, Liv is obsessing over a boy, and Blaine gets moody.

Dorin and Heather return to the microphone to discuss the episode “He Blinded Me … With Science.” Will Liv stay with Drake? Will she care that Blaine and Major may be closer to true death than they hoped? Are Clive and Dale about to find out what’s really going under right under their noses? Or will one or both of them fall prey to zombies … or worse, VDC!? Is Blaine re-human again? Will he be himself or a do-gooder? Is Rita doomed? Or is it VDC that should be scared?

Tune in for the latest installment of SciFi4Chicks and hear Heather and Dorin’s opinions about the plot thickening, stories intertwining, relationships breaking apart and coming together.

So many questions, so little time! What did you think of perky episode fourteen? Join the discussion in the comments or on Twitter! Let us know your favorite part: Liv and Ravi, Blaine and Ravi, VDC and Rita, or Clive and Dale. Finally, rate the episode on our iZombie Hotness Scale.

Dorin and Heather return next week for episode 216 “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie” on iZombie, so make sure to subscribe to SciFi4Chicks!


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