THE X-FILES Official Fan Auction is live!


The X-Files Official Fan Auction is live!

Now, we must confess that, contrary to what the title’s wording might suggest, it is not a chance to buy an actual X-Files fan. Because that would be weird. Probably.

A mannequin sporting a costume from THE X-FILES.
Pictured Above: Not an Actual X-Files Fan. Maybe. I don’t pretend to know this mannequin’s life. [Courtesy VIP Fan Auctions]
What The X-Files Auction does have is a good sized collection of clothing and props that all snagged some screen time in the recent mini-series. Notable outfits include the weremonster’s (Rhys Darby) southern gentleman’s suit and the fancy duds that Mitch Pileggi sported that one time when Mulder may or may not have been on a bunch of drugs. The props vary from run-of-the-mill fake guns to “Goldman Technology’s Blob Face Patient Prop Set,” which is definitely something you want to set on your bedside table so it can watch over you while you sleep. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

A blob-like face prop.
See? It already looks excited to snuggle under the covers! [Courtesy VIP Fan Auctions]
As for bids, those range from $24.99 for abductee Svete Anna’s (Annet Mahendru) casual clothes to $1,125.99 for Dana Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) official FBI badge, outstripping its closest rival by $620. There’s still about six days left to bid, however, so those prices may go much higher.

If an eBay seller page is a bit too bland for your taste, you can also check out the inventory in the auction preview catalog. It comes fully equipped with real page-turning animation and paper rustling sounds! It receives a 10/10 on the fanciness meter.

Again, you have six days left to bid. More technically speaking, you have about 6 days, zero hours or 5 days, 23ish hours, depending on your item. So that’s plenty of time to refinance on your house or sell that stupid refrigerator thing that’s been clogging up your kitchen all these years. I mean, who needs frozen food when you can have sunglasses that actually touched David Duchovny’s face?

After you’re done drooling all over your keyboard, feel free to relive the glory days by reading our Ten(ish) Episode Intro to The X-Files or check out our recaps and reviews of the recent series here.

You can also check out the latest full episodes on the official website or visit The X-Files Facebook page to demand another season.

AN – All prices and bid times were accurate as of 3:30pm EST on 3/23/16.


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