Fox Announces Official X-FILES Fan Auction


Feature image courtesy Fox.

Mulder inspects evidence of an alien conspiracy.
Could you own a giant brick cell phone used to talk to Scully about creepy corpses? Stay tuned to find out! [Courtesy FOX]
Hold onto your wallets, folks! Fox has just announced “The X-Files Official Series Auction”, coming Tuesday, March 22.

As befits the show, Fox has yet to reveal any more details on the auction. Clicking on the announcement brings site visitors to an as-yet empty eBay page. We do know that the auction will be “powered by VIP Auctions.” VIP is currently hosting auctions from shows such as Defiance and DaVinci’s Demons. Their eBay profile states that buyers are able to participate in auctions via desktop browsers, mobile devices, or “interactive television”. How exactly one interacts with the television, besides literally hurling $100 bills at the screen when one’s desired item appears, is unclear.

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on all the latest regarding the auction. You can also check out the official X-Files Facebook page or the Fox X-Files website to watch the latest episodes.

If that’s not enough to slake your X-Files thirst, be sure to check out our Ten(ish) Episode Intro to the X-Files (written by yours truly) and our recaps and reviews of the recent miniseries.

As for me? I’ll be waiting here, hoping to see either Mulder’s old brick of a cell phone or an actual alien suit. Even if my bank account won’t share my enthusiasm.  Who needs to buy groceries, anyway?


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