ANDROID Cast Grows, Adds Olga Kurylenko


As the American Film Market kicks off, Deadline has learned that Olga Kurylenko will star in Fortitude International’s Android.

Set on a lonely spaceship orbiting Neptune, Android is the story of Mason Anders, a man who realizes his dream to rebuild his dead wife, Beth (Kurylenko), and their son, as androids. When the androids start demanding lives of their own, Mason’s life is suddenly in danger.

Fortitude co-founder Nadine de Barros says the script is a page-turner that will “mesmerize audiences in space while exploring universal themes of family and the need for basic human connections.”

Niall Johnson will direct from a script he and Matt O’Reilly co-wrote that “taps into the current A.I. zeitgeist.” Trademark Films’ Ivan Mactaggart is producing with Infinite Studios Singapore’s Mike Wiluan and Lindsey Martin and Magnet Management’s Jennie Frankel Frisbie. Shooting is set to start in February.

It’s been a little under two years since Fortitude launched, however, the company currently has about 15 projects in various stages of development and production and is also branching out into television. However, de Barros says, “It’s a slow build… We want to keep overhead small so we can afford to say no to projects we don’t like and yes to projects we like.”


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