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S1E5 “The Present”

Halfway through the season, Minority Report delves deeper into Detective Vega’s past as she tries to solve the murder of her father over ten years ago.


The episode opens with the death of Vega’s father, eight months before PreCrime.

Agatha shows Arthur the plans for a more sophisticated milk bath, and they continue to argue about what to do with the information and Vega.

Vega’s mother wants to celebrate Vega’s birthday, but she’s avoiding it. Dash gives her flowers at Metro, and he learns that Vega shares a birthday with her father. The Deputy Directory of DIA and Blake talk to Vega, and they are both impressed with her success rate. Dash’s bracelet vibrates.

At Wally’s they watch the recording. Vega can’t find anything significant except for a rare sports jersey that she has been wanting for years. Wally tells Vega about the beta testing a year before PreCrime officially began, and she wants to know if she can find her father’s recording. Dash says he can’t remember the crime.

At Metro, Dash and Vega talk to Akeela about the jersey. Akeela says she got one for Vega for her birthday, and they figure out that Vega is the victim of the murder. She’s not worried.

Arthur shows Dash the plans for the milk bath, and Dash is unconvinced that anything will happen.

Minority Report

Akeela watches the recording, and sees a symbol from a group called Revive that was created by Dina Winter. It’s a program for inmates to try and better their lives. Vega decides to interrogate Micheal Wynn, an inmate that used to send her death threats because she put him away.

At the prison Dash and Vega talk to Wynn with no success. On their way out, Vega notices a glass case with different items in it, and sees her father’s watch. Winters tells her that the case holds the keepsakes from victims that the inmates took as a reminder of what they’ve done. When Vega asks who put the watch in there, Winters says it’s anonymous.

Minority Report

Vega has a meeting with the DIA Deputy Director with Blake, and despite Blake’s attempts to stop her, Vega asks about the beta recordings from PreCrime. The Deputy Director tells her they were all destroyed.

At Wally’s, Wally tells Vega that he has a machine that can access Dash’s older memories. However, it is going to be painful for Dash and they need Arthur to help them. Vega decides she will ask Arthur herself. Arthur tells Vega about their suspicions about her, and she assures them that she would never hurt Dash. Arthur agrees to help, but only because it is her birthday.

Minority Report

When Dash and Arthur get strapped in, Vega finds out that her father’s killer was actually Dina Winter. Vega goes to her house that night and Dash waits in the car.

Vega pulls a gun on Winter, and then Winter’s son pulls a gun on Vega. She puts the gun down and no one is hurt. Vega finds out that Winter only killed her father for drugs, and the man who paid her was her dealer. Arthur says he’ll look into it.

When Vega goes home, she gives her mother her father’s watch.

Minority Report

Minority Report really isn’t getting much better, but at least this week there was some character development.

Dash has certainly done a 180 since the first episode. He is more confident in himself and his actions, and doesn’t cower from Agatha or Arthur. The bracelet is definitely an improvement from seeing Dash collapse to the floor and have a vision. However, all the episodes have the same structure: bracelet flashes, they go to Wally’s, all the PreCogs argue with each other, Vega makes Blake annoyed in some way, then Dash and Vega solve the murder. I see the need for establishing a rhythm with Dash and Vega’s working relationship, but we are halfway through the season and there is no real change.

Slowly the audience is learning more about the alleged betrayal by Vega, but nothing has happened yet. Dash, Vega, and Arthur all seem to be on the same side and Agatha is just trying to get Dash away from Vega. In the first episode, Agatha seemed to be a wise mentor to Dash, but now she is going on a witch hunt to find out what her vision really means. Right now, it doesn’t seem to mean anything. I’m surprised that Agatha has not yet confronted Vega herself. I’m also still confused as to how Agatha is able to keep having a vision that isn’t coming true. Apparently the writers are keeping their audience in the dark until the big reveal.

It was refreshing to learn more details about Vega this week. Although, her character is still fighting to be the lone wolf when in reality she has several people that care about her and want to help. Time will tell how long it takes Vega to really embrace her family and friends. Hopefully not long, because someone on the show has to be a team player.

Almost all the interactions with the characters on the show involve fighting or an argument. It is rare to see quiet moments when they are just enjoying each other’s company. The “Vega is going to betray us” argument is getting old, and the audience needs a breather from that drama.

So far, nothing new or too exciting on Minority Report. The last three episodes have been cut from the show, so unless there is a huge spike in viewership, I don’t see the show being renewed for a second season.


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