SciFi4Chicks Meets Grumpy Old Liv on iZOMBIE



Episode 201 “Grumpy Old Liv”

As the song goes: the dog days are over (but not completely if this episode is to be believed)! iZombie is back for season two and Heather and Alex are back as well! Show of hands, who’s excited? We certainly are!

Tune in for the latest installment of SciFi4Chicks and hear our opinions about the plot thickening, new and exciting characters, old characters on new and scary paths, and, because it’s SciFi4Chicks, about clothing choices of certain male characters.

What’s in store for Liv this season? How painful will Major’s storyline be? What’s Blaine’s agenda and wil it bite Liv in the butt? Will Ravi manufacture more cure, or will Max Rager CEO complete his evil plot first?

So many questions, so little time! All because of one episode! What did you think of season two premiere? Are you going to watch iZombie this season? Join the discussion in the comments or on Twitter! Let us know what was your favorite part of the premiere and what are your hopes for season two! Finally, rate the episode on our iZombie Hotness Scale.


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