Award-winning VFX Vet Richard J. Cook to Crowd-source New Film



Richard J. Cook, the Visual Effects (VFX) veteran who has worked on Godzilla, Independence Day, and Star Trek, announced September 3 that he intends on crowd-sourcing funds for his new Sci-Fi action thriller, All Things. Cook will produce and direct this feature himself.

Direct from the Ascot Media press release, “Richard J. Cook, under the banner of his Oculus Entertainment company, will be using rewards/equity crowdfunding portal Indiegogo to raise $50,000 to finish development and commence production on the film. Donor fundraising launched September 1, 2015. Computer Graphics (CG) Supervisor, Phil Hartmann (300, Snow White and the Huntsman, Changeling, 2012), is attached.”

Regarding his veteran career working on blockbuster films, Cook says, “I was always working for the studio, never really doing my own project. I believe computer generated visual effects were always meant to augment the practical effects. We’ve gone too far away from that and the performances suffer for it. I want to bring back more practical effects in this feature. That’s what All Things is and I’m excited to bring this to you guys.”

This film follows college dropout Claire, who after losing her mother to cancer, joins an environmental protection group to find a purpose in life. On her first forest training mission she is separated from her group and finds herself hunted by horrifying alien creatures. Claire uncovers these creatures’ disturbing agenda and realizes she has a purpose after all, but it is a self-sacrificing one.    

Donors to All Things can expect perks ranging from original Sci-Fi artist renderings from the movie, to being featured in it.    

All Things is slated for Summer 2016.




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