Cosplayer Rebeckalah is 24 years old and has been cosplaying since 2007. She crafts all of her own costumes and recently started working with props, her first being the Traflagar Law Sword from One Piece. Here’s her take on the costume contest at Tokyo in Tulsa:


Being in the contest was a lot of fun. Of course we had to sign up early as the competition was said to be capped at 100 entrants. It was incredible how quickly the line filled just to sign up! I’m glad we were able to get there in time.

The pre-judging was very well organized and went quickly; I believe it’s because Mythos was in charge. They were very thorough with checking the amount of detail in everyone’s costumes. It was overall a pleasant experience talking with them about how I made my costume and the amount of work I put into it. After they were done with pre-judging we were allowed to roam the con until it was time to come back and line up for the main event.


We came back a good hour early to be placed in line, based on when we filled out our entry information. I think it may have run a half hour late but they were very kind bringing us water cups to keep us hydrated. Peter Pixie did wonders pumping us up for our big walk-on out there. From what I heard the room was over flowing and they had set up another room for people to watch, which is incredible to think about that many people watching me walk on stage and pose for my cosplay! A bit nerve-wracking but so much fun!
Everyone in the audience, in the contest, and running the contest was just a blast to be around. Everyone was so nice and encouraging; it was a wonderful experience.
[photos by Christopher Eastman, Destroyer X Productions. Used by permission]


One thought on “COSPLAY DIARIES: Tokyo In Tulsa

  • August 1, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Oh wow! That is an absolutely stunning Trafalgar D. Water Law!


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