H2O #70: In which We Discuss the Legendary Arthur Suydam



His name is Arthur Suydam, and over the 4th of July weekend, he made inspired some fireworks of his own during Montreal Comic-Con. The Twitterverse was… uhm… a-twitter (sorry) with reports of rude and inconsiderate behavior, the likes of which (apparently) Suydam has demonstrated at other conventions in the past.

Allegedly, Suydam is in the habit of appropriating the booth space for other comics artists and setting up shop with enough space for four. And he’s now being called out.

We discuss the reported behavior, yes, but also the reaction to it, the other ways the situation could have been handled, and — as we do so many times when our topic revolves around “The Internet” — we talk about how Wheaton’s Law is still a good way to operate.



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