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It’s the end of the beginning on Sleepy Hollow, as the second season of the series comes to an end in the episode titled “Tempus Fugit”. And the finale is what every episode of Sleepy Hollow has beed: solid, well written, full of juicy character moments. It was also a bit of a disappointment for both Heather and Alex.

Tune in to our podcast as we try to find our place in this post apocalyptic world (the show didn’t meet our expectations, what do you mean it’s not the end of the world?) and brace ourselves for the possibility that the show might not be coming back for season three.

We discuss the Witness bond and the relationship between Abby and Ichabod (and how different it is with Abby being the one who’s out of time) and Katrina’s story arc. We have a lot of feels, so you have to forgive us the slightly longer podcast.

What did you think of the season finale? Did it meet your expectations or were you hoping for something more? Let us know in the comments below or on social media of your choice!



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