At least SciFi4Chicks has friends in GOTHAM



It’s time for Gotham to conclude their two part origin story of Scarecrow and SciFi4Chicks is… there to talk to you about our lack of enthusiasm and everything that is wrong with this episode and the creative decisions the writers are making.

We rant and complain, because we care!

Heather and Alex are back to talk about Fish Mooney and where her storyline is possibly going. We complain about the lack of Butch (come back to us Butch! Our precious little baby, we love you! We want you alive and happy and relatively undamaged!) and wonder if the Disappearing Lesbians are ever coming back… We can’t stop gushing about Falcone and Maroni and their treatment of Penguin (who still hasn’t earned his “The”) and how Jim and Lee’s relationship is settling into a dynamic that we really enjoy.

Tune in for the latest installment of our Gotham podcast and giggle with us as we discuss the lack of caves with bats and how Alfred is finally finding the parenting style that fits him. Even though we dislike disconnected subplots on principle, this was our favorite!

Enjoy the podcast and we will be back next week!



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One thought on “At least SciFi4Chicks has friends in GOTHAM

  • February 11, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    I love this: “We rant…because we care!”


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