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Neither snow, nor rain, nor technical problems can stop Heather and Alex from talking about Sleepy Hollow. They made a pact, in sickness and in health, you shall have SciFi4Chicks podcasts to listen to! That is, of course, until Alex gets sick, Heather’s computer refuses to record and Alex loses her Internet.

If that happens, you have to wait three weeks, and be rewarded with a crazy three part Sleepy Hollow podcast marathon! Are you excited?

In “Witness Represent” we discuss Orion, the missing six weeks, and how the lack of Apocalypse changed the characters approach to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Does the winter premiere meet our expectations? Find out!

In “Date Night” it’s all about Katrina and Ichabod and their attempt to rekindle the romance. Nothing brings a couple closer like a murder. Or so I’ve heard. Meanwhile, Abby deals with the return of our precious Irving. SciFi4Chicks sees the return of our semi-regular segment of “I love you, now let me tell you everything that’s wrong with you” as we brainstorm ideas of how to improve the A-plot, taking it from a good episode to a great one.

Finally, in “Hot Mess”, Alex’s #ShinyHappyPlace is under attack while we delve deeper into the backstory of Hottie McHotStud (who, apparently is called Nick… Nope, Hottie has a much better ring to it) before he is ripped away from our (and Jenny’s) arms.

Take a deep breath! Now that we are all up to date with Sleepy Hollow episodes, we are back to our regular schedule. Hope you had as much fun listening to our marathon, as we had recording it. Tune it next time, as we discuss the next explosive episode of Sleepy Hollow titled “Spellcaster”.



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