The Answer Man Joins THE ROGUES GALLERY 3



In a special 2-part Rogues Gallery, the Rogues are joined by The Answer Man himself, Mr. Bob Rozakis. Now retired from the comics industry, Bob was a fixture for many of us growing up and reading DC Comics. As Executive Director of Production, he was responsible for a great many things — among them: the Daily Planet promotions page at the back of every issue, which included the regular “Ask the Answer Man” feature.


Bob also created (with artist Stephen DeStefano) the unlikely hero known as ‘Mazing Man. A 12-issue title in 1986, ‘Mazing Man featured Sigfried Horatio Hunch III and his misadventures.

Now, Bob joins us and shares his insights into the DC TV universe, with opinions on Gotham and The Flash.


[Bob Rozakis’ Blog: “Anything Goes”]



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