SciFi4Chicks Takes a Selfie with a Gorgon on SLEEPY HOLLOW


Good Morning, Sunshine!

SciFi4Chicks’ dynamic duo (Heather and Alex) is back to talk about the latest Sleepy Hollow episode. The episode so good, it could’ve been the mid-season finale – so deliciously intense, so emotional, and with such a great cliffhanger, we hesitate to think what the writers have in store for us for the actual mid-season finale.

Tune if for our latest installment of SciFi4Chicks, where after a brief moment of criticism regarding the Irving and Jenny scenes, we just can’t stop talking about all the things the writers and producers did right in this episodes. We get excited about all the dream scenarios and character development we could get (but probably won’t), how Katrina and Abraham both had their best episode yet, and how complex and absolutely incredible Abby and Ichabod’s relationship is.

Join us in our most epic podcast yet, as we analyze every single scene, theorize about unreliable narrators and mistakes the character made. It’s a wild ride, very much like the episode itself. Let us know if you think the actual midseason finale can top this episode! Do you agree with our assessment of the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie? What do you think is in store for Irving, Jenny and Katrina? Leave a comment to this post, or join the conversation on Twitter!


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