SciFi4Chicks Isn’t Putting Mama In the Corner of SLEEPY HOLLOW


That’s right! You’ve read this right. Nobody’s putting Mama Mills in the corner on Sleepy Hollow, and it’s mostly because her character is so deliciously complex and brilliantly written that we just want her to come back one way, or another.

In this installment of SciFi4Chicks, Heather and Alex (but mostly Alex) rant about that nightmare of a last scene and why Demonic Baby of Doom is never a good plot to use. We lament that Katrina is stuck with the one aspect of Sleepy Hollow we don’t approve of. We discuss (at length) the different dynamics between characters and how Hottie McHotStud managed to integrate himself into the team.

Join the Dynamic Duo of SciFi4Chicks as we gloat (We called it!), gush (Jenny and Irving finally came back!) and complain (that Plot of Doom needs to go, STAT!) about the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow. And, as always, let us know your opinion in the comments, or on social media of your choice!


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