The Candyman Can in GOTHAM, say SciFi4Chicks


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Citizens of Gotham learn that you just have to say no to drugs. Especially when they come in tiny, emerald-green bottles with “Breathe” written on them. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. And that’s a good thing, because otherwise the dynamic duo of Heather and Alex wouldn’t have anything to talk about!

This week, we (once again) express our disappointment with the A plot of the episode and spend an obscene amount of time discussing everything but. From the mobster war that’s going on (Who’s Team!Maroni and who’s Team!Falcone? Find out!), to Penguin’s peculiar and disappointing fall from the criminal genius he showed last week, to Young Master Bruce P.I., to the Buddy Cop dynamic developing between Bullock and Jim.

GOTHAM Injects Some Evil Science!

Tune in for a captivating installment of SciFi4Chicks, and listen to Alex draw real and imaginary connections between Gotham and Arrow (you are all welcome to adopt her headcanon), and share little behind-the-scenes trivia about Fish. We discuss a secret coming out and the path the show might take in the future. We also pick our #BestBaddie and #SecretIdentity, as well as our Holy #WTFBatman moment. What’s yours?



Hailing Frequencies Open...

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