ACTION COMICS #1 Goes for 3.2 Million on eBay


From the seller’s notes it is

The finest known copy of the most sought after comic book in the world. A 1938 museum piece with PERFECT WHITE pristine pages.

Action_Comics_1On Sunday, August 24th, an auction for Action Comics #1 closed and the winning bid is listed as $3,207,852.00 which came in just 30 seconds before the close of bidding. This is now the the highest price ever paid for a single comic book, shattering the previous record of about 2.1 million dollars.

It is the comic that started it all. The first appearance of the world’s most recognizable superhero, Action Comics #1 was issued in June of 1938 and while most have not read it, they know the character that sprang from its cover and into pop culture. The first appearance of Superman in a book officially graded as a 9.0 by the CGC and listed as having vibrant colors and perfect white pages brought in bids that jumped by over $800,000 in the last two hours.

The winning bid is listed as coming from California and it will be interesting to see if the new owner steps up to announce his or her new prize.

For more head over to the eBay listing.



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