BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Renewed and Back On Air on June 2!



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Back in March, the CW announced that it was delaying the remaining season 2 episodes of Beauty and the Beast until the summer.  This was interpreted by many (including me, I’ll confess) that the CW planned to re-write/re-shoot the remainder of the season to provide closure to a surely to-be-cancelled series.  Silly rabbit, never underestimate the power of an impassioned fan base.

Seriously, it’s Memorial Day, you’ve got some time (by the way, a very genuine thank you to the men and women of this country who’ve given their lives to support this country I deeply love).  Go do a search on “#batb” on Twitter.  It’s really quite amazing.  Men and women across the world regularly engage and unite based on their common love for Vincent, the handsome medical doctor and war hero struggling with his beastly duality; Cat, the NYPD detective with a heart of gold who loves him; Gabe, the former beast vying for Cat’s affections; and JT and Tess, the best friends who provide logistical/emotional support and comic relief.

The dedication of the fan base ultimately paid off; in May, the CW announced that the show was renewed for a third season, much to the relief and gratitude of beasties everywhere.   Even with this great news, the fans haven’t let up on the pressure; there are active campaigns encouraging fans new to the show to catch up (#NewBeastie), as well as a campaign to bring new fans into the fold (#BEASTIEStreetTeamInitiative and #BEASTIEStreetTeam).  

If you’re looking for a scifi show with an emphasis on romance, or if you’re looking for a show with what may arguably be the strongest fan community ever, look no further.  But you’ve only got until June 2 to catch up to the rest of us, because that’s when the new episodes for the rest of season 2 begin.  Season 1 is available on DVD, Netflix and Amazon Instant Streaming.  Season 2 episodes 1 through 12 are available on Amazon Instant Streaming.  Season 2 episodes 10 and 13-16 are currently available on the CW web site.  Need more options than that?  The fan base on Twitter will be able to guide you to every single viewing option available, I guarantee it!

And of course, with each episode you watch, there is a recap available on this site to help you along the way (starting here…not the most complimentary of reviews, but the show gets better).  Looking forward to catching up with my favorite fans in the world in June, and hope to see you #NewBeasties then!


[Official Show on CW]     [Recap: “About Last Night”]


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