SciFi4Chicks Goes Batty! (& Vampy, Wolfy, …)



It’s SciFi4Chicks and our first real episode! That’s right, we’re here to keep talking all sorts of SciFi/Fantasy for the duration… we even have a cool new art banner! (Thanks, Gena!) Can you guess who each chick is?

On this episode, we talk about the supernatural side of the genre… seemed perfect for February to talk about why we love the supernatural… or is that just a stereotype that women like the genre? What is the appeal of the dark side of fantasy? Does it go back to our ancient myths and legends, or is it a convention of the modern world? And what about the proliferation of shows that fit the supernatural side? Does it say more about us or our society? Grab a drink and meet us in the Ladies Lounge to find out!

In the lounge for this episode are Heather, Maia, Annaleigh, Dorin, Alex, and Kammie!

Ladies, want to join a future chat in the Ladies Lounge? Email us at or call us! (And guys, we’d love to hear your comments and questions… if you dare!)


PROGRAM NOTE: We had so much fun that our discussion went long… so we broke up the talk into several parts…  look for more episodes to post soon! Included are the rest of the lounge discussion where we talk about the specific shows, then a few of us do stand-alone episodes on specific shows… Grimm, Being Human, and the Walking Dead.



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Heather French

Heather French is a 2nd generation geek who grew up STAR WARS in a STAR TREK family. A graduate from UNT with a degree in Film/ TV, she worked MARS ATTACKS, SCREAM, CSI, and STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. She currently freelances and spends her free time with dogs and cats who do not judge her sci-fi/ fantasy indulgences...

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