DRACULA — You’re Not the One That I Want


Episode 108 “Come to Die”


Previously on Dracula, Mina rejected Lucy, Lucy vowed revenge by hitting on Jonathan, Grayson danced with Mina, and also made love to Lady Jayne during the day due to the serum that allows him to walk in the sun. Davenport learned Grayson loves Mina.

And we’re back! Let’s dig in, shall we? Okay. So…


There’s a new vampire for Lady Jayne to deal with. She tracks down a vampiress, questions her about her master and learns it is Vlad the Impaler. But before she can tell the rest, Lady Jayne kills her and ends up with blood on her face along with egg. More exposition about Vlad from the Order of the Dragon, and then Lady Jayne tells Grayson/Dracula it’s over, citing his infatuation with Mina. My heart breaks for her. And the more interesting pairing in this show. My top pairing being a toss-up between Dracula and Van Helsing and Dracula and Renfield.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Speaking of Renfield and Dracula’s epic bromance, once Mina rejects Grayson’s affections, Dracula tackles his beloved friend. They have it out but Renfield once again tells him to forget her or go for it.

Lucy is still seducing Jonathan, asking for a kiss in return for her giving up on gaining his affection. He seems to comply only to back out last minute. After that encounter, Jonathan confronts Mina about her relationship with Dracula. She claims nothing is happening but he doesn’t believe her.

This isn't awkward at all.
This isn’t awkward at all.

Van Helsing is still out for revenge for those he lost due to The Order. So no new development there. Although he does strike some fear into Browning.

Mina is attacked by Davenport’s lackies. And honestly, I don’t care if she dies. Am I a horrible person? No worries about that though cuz here he comes to save the day! Our favorite vampire Dracula rips the kidnappers apart, impaling them on the gate outside for Lady Jayne and Browning. Mina lives to be annoying another day. (ASIDE: If I recall, Dracula hasn’t impaled anyone before this episode. Why start now? Seems kind of dangerous and stupid to draw attention to himself this way. END OF ASIDE)

Is she really worth it?
“Is she really worth it?”

Jonathan finds out Davenport was responsible for the attack, and Davenport uses Grayson and Mina’s attraction to keep from being killed by the mad young man. But Jonathan decides to pull the trigger, only to discover that Mina is Grayson’s old love by way of the portrait Davenport was insisting he see.

"She looks just as boring as my Mina."
“She looks just as boring as my Mina.”

Then, we get our first cunnilingus scene with Jonathan and Lucy!!! Whoa!!! He sexes her up and down and all around! That must’ve been a bit confusing for Lucy. And also convenient.

"Yeah. I'm kind of an asshole."
“Yeah. I’m kind of an asshole.”

So no more Lady Jayne and Grayson/Dracula. We’re stuck with him professing his love to a sleeping injured Mina. Everything is so boring there. Renfield tells Dracula Davenport is dead and that “Mr. Harker worked out just as [he] planned.”

“It’s not me, it’s you.”

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And that’s it! Another dense episode with a lot of boring stuff mixed in with some cool stuff. Join me next time for the 9th episode of Dracula.

Until then…BITE ME!


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