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Once again, we find ourselves moving into the holiday season, when thoughts turn to family and friends as we take to social media and post all sorts of items for which we are all grateful. So, as part of today’s Thanksgiving festivities — and yes, it’s Thanksgiving, not pre-Christmas…

I want to thank all of the current and past volunteer writers and reviewers who have done so much for the site. Since we moved over to WordPress in November 2010, we’ve actually found an audience, and the content we deliver has a lot to do with that audience coming back for more. And now that we’ve added podcasts to our repertoire in the form of SciFi4Me Radio, some of our contributors are adding voice to pen.

So a heartfelt THANK YOU to Annaleigh, Leslie, Heather, Maia, Elle, Gena, Brie, Brie, Elle, Anotella, Angie, Debbie, Anne-Marie, Rina, Cat, Willow, Tim, Dan, Dustin, Curtis, Erik, Micah, Christopher, Jason, Evan, Casey, David, James, Rusty, Louie, and Dylan. All of your contributions — large and small — have helped us gain over three thousand regular followers/subscribers/stalkers in the last year. Our audience continues to grow, due in no small part to your work.

Thanks also to the various networks and publishers who have added us to their media lists. It’s very easy for these giant corporate operations to overlook the smaller blogs and magazines, but when the stars align and the right e-mail hits the right person, it gives us a chance to bring more information to you — through press releases (which we’ll be sharing more frequently), reviews, and red carpet photo ops like we got with Thor: The Dark World.

Thank you, too, to Jim and the gang at Clint’s Comics for their continued support of Comic Con Carne. It’s a great place to shoot our show (and buy comics), and we hope to continue the partnership for a long time to come.

Gratitude to the musicians who have provided bumper music for Level Eleventy-Seven: Todd Oxford, Brant Cole, Clearly Guilty, Eccentric Fish, Razorwire Halo, Victor & Penny, Zach Tyler, and Killmama. And to the rotating panel of gamers who have joined us for 8Bits — Libby, Jeremy, Chris, David, Adam, Kelsey, Ilah, Zach, and David. All of you have brought a little something extra to our efforts.

Thanks to the conventions that have allowed us to have media access to their respective events. Even though we don’t always get all of the interviews we’d like (and we understand, really), it’s a great way for us to get out in public view and let people know we’re here. In particular, thanks to the folks at Planet Comicon, the first convention to let us in. Our partnership with PCC has grown as the event has gotten bigger, and 2014 looks to be another great opportunity for everyone.

Thanks to the companies that have taken us on as affiliate marketing partners. This being a volunteer site, we spend more than we make and the ads we put in our newsletter will help offset some of that. Of course, you actually have to buy something through our links… Oh, have you signed up for our newsletter yet?

Special thanks to my parents, who indulge the weekend trips home so I can spend most of the time at conventions…

And to you, dear Formies, for your continued support of SciFi4Me as one of your regular sources for news and information. This year has been one of ups and downs, and you have remained a steady part of the growth we’ve had here. And as we have ventured into new territory with the podcasts, your comments and “thumbs up” responses have encouraged us and have, in some cases, been a welcome surprise. We so appreciate all of you, and hope you continue to let us be part of your fandom experience.

So, on behalf of everyone here at SciFi4Me, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt (founder/EIC) is the author of the sci-fi novella "The Hero At the End Of His Rope". His short film "Species Felis Dominarus" was a finalist in the Sci Fi Channel's 2007 Exposure competition.

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