BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Summer’s Lease Hath Too Short A Date


Episode 121: “Date Night”



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We’re sliding into the end of the first season of Beauty and the Beast, but I confess I’m not that sad (yes, I’m ducking). There are definitely some nagging questions about the story line, but there aren’t any big mysteries or problems that actually worry me about the welfare of our two protagonists. I’m happy they’re together; I’m happy they’re happy; I enjoy watching them sort through both normal and unique-to-them couple issues, but there’s just not any one thing that has me biting my nails. My fingers are crossed that the season finale will give me the desired kick in the pants.

The episode kicks off with the Cat worried about her late period. As a mother of three and one baby due in September, I can relate to that situation! When Tess apologizes for her brain going straight to Breaking Dawn Part 2, I literally laughed out loud. Gallows humor, I love it! First great line of the episode.

Vincent understandably worries. Many prospective dads with relatively normal DNA fret about impending fatherhood, but can you imagine the train wreck of Cat having his baby? Most of you guys are probably too young to remember, but when the mini-series V came out when I was a kid, the scene where the scared teenager gave birth to a half-breed baby creeped the fire out of me, and I couldn’t ever watch the scenes in The Fly or The Fly 2 where Jeff Goldblum’s offspring came to life. Blech. Suffice it to say, Cat and Vincent have some “health” issues to sort through before they pro-create, if there is anything to be learned from sci fi from the 80’s. Cat gets it, but Vincent pouts about how Gabe could set her up with all the accouterments of a normal life.

Cat reports for security duty at the fancy shmancy luxury hotel where Gabe’s hiding out from the Bustamante gang. Gabe finally reveals his true beast self and his intentions. Did anyone think this scene was anticlimactic? Maybe because we’ve already seen Gabe sporting yellow eyes, it just didn’t have the same impact as it might have if he had revealed himself to Cat and the audience simultaneously  In any case, the beast is out of the bag, and Gabe wants to talk to Vincent, uh, man to man. Cat struggles with how much to reveal, but Gabe’s appeal for help and the possibility of help for Vincent convince her.


When Cat talks to Vincent about meeting with Gabe, Vincent is less convinced. In addition to doubting whether Gabe’s really a Beastie Boy, Vincent throws out argument after argument about why they can’t and shouldn’t trust him. In the end, Vincent gives in, but their trip to Gabe’s hotel suite coincides with the Bustamante clan’s attempt on Gabe’s life, Gabe beasting out, and Gabe hitting the streets of Manhattan in broad daylight. Gabe’s blond honey Tyler shows up just a few minutes too late with Gabe’s meds in hand, but Vincent and Cat take the meds and follow Gabe’s trail.

Vincent rushes to his new swanky, low-rent pad to get the tranq gun from J.T., where the next hilarious scene ensues between J.T. and Vincent. Both Austin Basis and Jay Ryan play the scene totally straight, but it’s a sort of “Who’s on First?” sequence of lines. Well done, gentleman, you gave me a good laugh.

Assuming that Gabe is going after the Bustamante family, Cat and Vincent head to a chop shop where they encounter a couple of Bustamante goons and take them down, but no Gabe. Tess provides another address for them to check, i.e., the new swanky low-rent place belonging to J.T. and Vincent. J.T. is on the phone begging off of dinner with Sara’s parents, and doing a bang up job of actually sounding sick. More solid acting from Mr. Basis. It was nice to hear that Sara is still around. Interesting that we haven’t heard anything about her for weeks, but she and J.T. are now in the parent-meeting stage. Wish it had been mentioned another time or two for continuity between their last contact and this week.

Gabe-Beast jiggles the door handle to get at J.T., before busting the door down to menace and manhandling J.T. Just in the nick of time, Cat and Vincent show back up with the handy-dandy tranq gun in hand. It takes several rounds of tranquilizer darts before Gabe-Beast drops to the ground. J.T. initiates a new rule: “No one takes the tranq gun unless we have a spare!” Sage advice.


J.T. and Cat hash out whether they should study Gabe’s Beast profile and medication. Cat has pushed to look at options; why wouldn’t she? Vincent has hesitated. J.T. points out that Vincent sought a cure for years, and the effort filled Vincent with self-loathing. Setting aside the hunt for a cure led Vincent to accept himself. J.T. worries whether looking at the issue again might unravel Vincent. Well, when you put it like that, J.T…

The meds from Tyler bring Gabe around to sentience, and Gabe lays out the situation. He wants to analyze Vincent’s blood to see what stabilizes Vincent and keeps him from being a Beast all the time without the help of meds. He also provides some of his meds to Vincent to take and to analyze. Later, Gabe smooths the sticky situation over with the police and the “kidnapping” by the Bustamante family, Vincent tries some of Gabe’s meds, and so begins a unique bromance, quips Cat.

Taking advantage of his temporary reprieve, Vincent and Cat hit the hotel pool. Was anyone other than me disappointed that we didn’t actually see more flesh, or am I just being a dirty old woman? Don’t answer. Vincent and Cat talk more about what their relationship could be if they had no limits, and Vincent admits he wants the fairy tale. Wow, it’s refreshing to hear the man be the one to say it for a change. Cat admits she’d like it, too, but downer J.T. calls with bad news; the medicine, while effective, will eventually kill Vincent. Cat makes Vincent swear not to take any more pills.


The next morning, what does that naughty boy do? He takes a freaking pill. Really? How many times you going to do the no-good, bad, wrong thing? Sheesh! Well, of course, the Bustamantes show up, all bitter-like after yesterday’s rough-housing at the chop shop, and they break into Cat’s apartment…which belongs to a detective in NYC and only has one easily picked lock on the door? Riiiight. Vincent and Cat win the fight comme toujours, but when Vincent doesn’t change, Cat calls him out. Police sirens sound in the distance, Cat urges Vincent to leave, but take the stairs. Later at the precinct, Cat sneaks out back for Vincent to apologize. They subsequently share some kissy face next to a dumpster, which icks out the Virgo in me. At least they reach an accord: they’ll try for a normal future, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s ok. Wow, was it really that hard to sort out?

Two final developments: 1) Bishop tells Tess he loves her, and her sweet facial expression was truly priceless. I still wish that Tess could have found baggage-less love, but really, I just want her to be happy. Love is seldom perfect. 2) Tyler concludes her evaluation of Vincent’s blood. Turns out Vincent can help Gabe, but it’ll kill Vincent in the process. Gabe’s ok with that; so much for bromance.

So, what questions do you have this week? There are so many tiny loose threads all over the place, and it sure doesn’t seem like all can get addressed in any kind of meaningful way in the next episode. My questions include: Where is Alex? How much does Cat’s dad know? Why was Vanessa’s body moved? Why hasn’t Muirfield continued to come after Vincent and Cat after they destroyed The Orchard? What role will the Bustamante family play in bringing Gabe down? What kind of mutation does Tyler have? Will J.T. still have a girlfriend after ditching on Sara? What kind of cliffhanger will the writers give us? Can we get another love scene or two before we wrap for the season?

Hope the finale is a good one, and we have something to look forward to with Season Two! See you guys later this week!


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4 thoughts on “BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Summer’s Lease Hath Too Short A Date

  • May 14, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    mhmhmhhm an episode that didn’t really bring lots of new stuff. And not enough flesh, ABSOLUTELY..

    I liked that Gabe seemd a bro and then villain again (predictable? Yes, I stopped wishing the series was Hitchcock material long ago.. still, I like him being so sneaky, and hope they’ll play this card a lot).

    When Vincent took the pill I was mad. Then he said that thing about the movies and I melted. Speaking of melting, I too loved Tess’s frown crumbling down to a smile when Joe said The Words. If only….

    Again, whenever Austin Basis is involved I admire his style, he’s easily the best actor in the ensemble. I want Scenes between him and Tess, I already laugh at the thought!

  • May 14, 2013 at 6:37 pm


    I totally agree with Angelica, Austin Basis is just Awesome!!! His scenes with Jay are Always great and i’m looking forward to see more scenes between JT and Tess as well.

    So, episode 21…

    First of all let’s talk about Cat and pregnancy…I’m not ashamed to say that in the end i was wrong…i kind of like the way the writers handle everything. I guess i was so ready for the worst scenario that i was surprised in a good way.

    There is one thing i didn’t like at all, how in the world Vincent took the pill without make any test? I know that scene when Vincent took the second pill was cute and i loved it, BUT at that point all they have was Gabe’s word that the medice worked on HIM. JT said again and again that Vincent and Gabe were totally different and even Vincent said that, so why don’t test the drug BEFORE Vincent take it?

    Just another problem i have with this episode. I thought that with the pills Gabe didn’t have all the abilities Vincent has, like super hearing, since he didn’t hear Cat and Vincent talking at the cemitery. BUT he could hear Vincent on the phone?
    At first i was like, maybe he was too far, but then again, Vincent could hear Gabe and Catherine’s conversation while they were there so, maybe he was just acting? Althought, he would already knew Vincent’s name and he sure would use that to confront Catherine…I don’t know. What do you think? Maybe i’m analyzing the episode too much?

    About that fight at Catherine’s apartment, it was just me or Vincent seemed too weak for a former soldier? Maybe he is not used anymore to just fight with just, i don’t know what word to use, let’s say, himself?

    The pool scene was really good and their final talk was really cute.

    Gabe’s girlfriends there is something really off about her, i don’t know if it’s bad acting, or and i hope so, she is really not what Gabe thinks. Since he killed that guy and Muirfield showed up again, I think they now will find out that Vincent is not the only beast. What are they going to do about it? I have no idea.

    Just one more thing, sometimes i get tired of how many times they repeat the same word…For a good time was the whole Vigilante, last episode was future.

    As Always great recap, i’m looking forward for the season finale, hope next week i come back and say “Ok, i was hoping for something like that, but they totally catch me off guard.”

    I know Vincat has to be apart at some point i just want something really different.

    Have a great week!

  • May 14, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    I would love it if Gabe’s girlfriend isn’t really what he thinks. Gabe could use the tables turned on him. And Gabe is probably one of the best characters on the show, just because he doesn’t really change his character, yet none of can ever figure out what the heck he’s about or his next move. Plus, you know, he’s swarthy! Thanks for coming back, ladies. Love visiting with you each week!

  • May 15, 2013 at 7:53 am

    Ana Paula, I agree about the pill being swallowed without any test.. careless, and about Gabe’s girlfriend (and yes, Leslie, some good old karma playing back at the sexy man wouldn’t hurt).. As for the hearing abilitiies… you made me notice that, and actually, doesn’t seem ok… I think that rather than being a hint to some additional mistery, is probably a mistake of the writers


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