The SUPERNATURALly Solid Return of Castiel


Episode 807 “A Little Slice of Kevin”

This episode’s script was strangely uneven, considering it was written by Kripke, Ross-Leming and Buckner, who also wrote one of the best of the season to date, “Heartache.” There were some truly great moments, and some truly stilted moments with clumsy dialog. Overall, it was what needed to happen at this point in this season, to serve the overall arc and pacing, so I call it successful. AND CASTIEL HAPPENED.

(Some spoilers do follow.)

The return of new fan favorite Kevin, and of course long-time fan favorite Castiel, were the two main pillars of this episode, and probably the season as a whole. Everything else revolved around them this week, and almost seemed unimportant, including Crowley.

I haven’t see every season of Supernatural, so I’m unaware of a few things, including just how powerful Castiel is. This is the first time I’ve seen what he’s capable of, and even at partial strength, he sends the King of Hell running like a dog with his tail between his legs with just a penetrating glare. It was absolutely glorious to see.

I’m sure I’m biased here, because I have a thing for angels, especially good ones and not corrupted or fallen ones. I’m even writing a series of novels in that vein, so I loved every single microsecond of seeing Castiel bring out his full-on angelhood and wield it against the darkness. Unf! Can we have THAT every week? Unsheath that sword, baby.

In other news, Kevin’s mom continues to be a snarky, ungrateful, arrogant snot. The Winchester brothers seem to be getting along well as a team. Metatron’s tablet has been broken, with Crowley getting half and Kevin keeping the other half. We finally see how Dean got back, and how Castiel didn’t. And, in the most curious turn yet, Castiel finds himself suddenly in a new location, mid-sentence, with no knowledge of how he got there, and no memory of it after he leaves. Since he’s returned at the exact moment and spot that he disappeared, the Winchesters are completely unaware of it as well, other than wondering about Castiel’s sudden blank look as his mind readjusts from the return trip.

Turns out some mysterious angel named Naomi (geek favorite Amanda Tapping, who seems a little nefarious to me) is some kind of heavenly secretary who can make Cas pop out of earthly reality and into her bright and shiny office, where he seems to be compelled to report on his comings and goings. Obviously, this is going to be an ongoing problematic plot point, but what I like about it is that it’s much more psychological, and not just centered around yet another gory monster-of-the-week story or tired “in search of the missing (fill in the blank)” trope. It’s a new element I’m interested in seeing play out, especially because it puts Castiel up front and center, right where fans want him.


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