A Couple of Soft Runner-Ups

Clone Wars episodes 5.03 “Front Runners” & 5.04 “The Soft War” are very good.

In “Front Runners” the Onderon rebels sneak into the capital and being to carry out strategic strikes all over the city, making sure the corrupt king, and the people of Onderon, know that the Separatist occupation will not be tolerated.  In “The Soft War” the rebels attempt to rescue the true Onderon king from a schedule public assignation.

It’s classic Star Wars; a small band or rebels, attempting to over and evil and corrupt leader, with the help of one Jedi. It’s A New Hope and Return of the Jedi on the small screen. That’s why it’s good, not great.

Where’s the shocking moment?  The crazy turn of events?  That last little plot twist or that surprise villain that sends and chill up your spine and makes you fear for our heroes?

Clone Wars, overall, is an awesome show, but they have a history of holding out in the first few episodes of the season and/or building to something bigger.  Telling epic stories is something they’re great at.  Even though these episodes (and episode two) have been what I call “popcorn” (not really doing anything for you) I think they’re building up to something.  And be honest, who doesn’t like a big build up?

I’ve watched to preview for this Saturday’s episode “Tipping Points” and this might be just the twist we’ve been waiting for.  Even the title suggests it.

So if you’re loving Clone Wars Season Five, good on ya.  If you’re liking it, don’t miss the next episode this Saturday, because you’ll start to love it.  And if you’re not watching it, you really should be.

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