10 awesome gifts for baby sci-fi geeks

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It’s a fact of life, reproduction happens. You’ve brought home your new bundle of joy and want to get an early start on ensuring that he or she will be able to wear that all-important sci-fi Geek badge proudly, just like you do.

Never fear, simply start your newborn out right with one of these deliciously geeky onesies, and up the chances that your baby will turn into the serious nerd that you were hoping for.

Here are 10 terrific onesies with tasty sci-fi themes sure to give your little one a head start right from the cradle!

Congratulations to my nephew Chris and his lovely wife Tia on their latest addition to the family! 


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  2. scarlettang September 14, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    I wish they had cute oneies like this when my boys were babies.

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