EUREKA's Kobayashi Maru

Episode 506 “Worst Case Scenario”

In this episode: Eureka gets its own Kobayashi Maru scenario. The Global Dynamics W.O.P.R. (known as ADA) runs a drill that takes out pretty much every defense available to the town – including the anti-missle batteries (who knew?). The simulation is part of the determining factors when it comes time for the D.O.D. to decide on funding, so it’s a big thing. Especially in the wake of the Astraeus incident.

According to the resident disaster computer programmer, Dr. Clark, ADA is just stepping things up because Henry decided the drills needed to have as much realism as possible. Of course, this being Eureka, the simulation isn’t exactly where the test ends, as ADA decides that the B+ performance isn’t quite up to snuff, and so she commences to make everything real, taking herself out in the process.

So the computer creates the disaster, then commits a “Jim Kirk” suicide in the midst of it, which leaves the Eureka folks high and dry to figure a way out before the missile impact destroys the town for real.

In the midst of all this for-real disaster, Carter is trying to figure out what’s up with Jo. Allison is feeling guilty about what she said to Jo whilst inside Carter’s body. And Zane helps Fargo go back in the Matrix, where he finds a fully-realized digital Holly. And she’s “all there” – not just slightly floating around like a partial program. She’s conscious of time passing, and has no idea she’s dead.

Kudos to Erica Cerra for her facial performance. You can really see her put two and two together to realize her conversation was with Allison instead of Carter.

On the plus side, it seems like we’re going to finally get past the whole Carter/Allison/Jo/Zane arc, which was getting a little tired, mainly because the dynamic between Carter and Jo has always played out like a brother-sister thing instead of a hate–>love–>show’s over thing.

And Felicia Day! Surprising nobody, the writers have managed to bring Dr. Holly Marten back from the dead. Sort of. And they do it in a way that actually fits organically into the season’s story arc without feeling contrived. Fargo has had an interesting bit of character development this season, and it looks like next episode is going to give him more material to do even more.

Overall, a solid episode with some good character work from all involved. Colin Ferguson delivers another fun romp as the perpetually frustrated and put-upon Jack Carter, who has to again put up with the absolutely crazy mess these brainy people make of things.

Although I find it odd that Dr. Parrish wouldn’t be smack dab in the middle of a disaster, it felt like everyone was getting back to normal as far as personal dynamics go. At this point, we just need Grace back in the groove, and the “reset” button has pretty much been used up. Hopefully.

Because Jack and Allison have a wedding to plan, and Fargo has to figure out what to do with his cyber-girlfriend.

Lines of the Week:

Carter: “It’s a bad time for premature evacuation.”

Holly: “That’s so weird. I don’t feel dead. That does explain why I haven’t peed in a month.”



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