THE DAY at upcoming Sarasota Film Festival

The Sarasota Film Festival is one of the largest regional film festivals in the United States, and this is the first year that I’ve signed up as a member and bought a ticket package online instead of purchasing individual tickets in person at the box office. I have to say that the Agile Ticketing system they are using is not so very agile! At least it wasn’t for me, who ended up having to phone and talk to two very nice ladies who pulled up my info for me and walked me through it.

For someone as well-versed as I am in most online transactions, this experience was very frustrating, so I can’t imagine what older folks do when faced with such a confusing online system and no visible instructions or FAQ. I guess they just hop in the car and drive downtown to the ticket box office like I used to do. Ah, the good old days.

Regardless, I eventually succeeded in accessing my official ticket printouts and am quite looking forward to that week in April when I will be seeing 10 diverse films out of the 261 on offer. Basically I skipped most of the main featured films and went for the ones that sounded like they would interest me most.

My selections include fantasy, animated shorts, a few YouthFest films, several dramas, and one post-apocalyptic horror thriller: Director Doug Aarniokoski‘s THE DAY. Two of the stars, Dominic Monaghan (LOST, THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy) and Ashley Bell (THE LAST EXORCISM), are supposed to be on hand to introduce the film.

All I know about THE DAY is that it looks unrelentingly bleak, and they blow lots of things up, which is usually a good indication that I will like a film, but I’ll be writing a full review once I’ve actually seen it.

Teaser trailer for THE DAY:

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