Roundup 1.19.11 – GAME OF THRONES

Ready for Season Two to begin on April 1st? I know our good Mr. Smith is!


See King’s Landing! Cast and crew talk about shooting in Croatia in this new video from the set:


The production has also been shooting in Belfast, which has given the Irish film industry a shot in the arm. Moyra Lock, the head of marketing for Northern Ireland Screen, says, “£4.80 went back into the Northern Ireland economy for every £1 we invested.” [Irish Central] and also [The Guardian]

In this interview with the Hero Complex, author George R.R. Martin shares his concerns about audience retention in the wake of Sean Bean’s departure from the show. After all, his character is now dead, which came as a shock to those not familiar with the books. Martin likens it to “Beauty and the Beast” on CBS many years ago, when the show tanked after start Linda Hamilton left.

“We’ve only had one episode after Sean’s character died and, well, we’ll find out how it affects things. It was a big shock to a lot of people and it was interesting to see the response to it. It’s something I did, you know, 16 years ago when the book came out. So it wasn’t a secret, of course,  but I could see the shock of it in the emails I got and on the blogs and the headlines. Time will tell how it affects the show…

Martin made his comments while attending the Golden Globes, where Peter Dinklage was among the winners. Telling reporters backstage, “Hopefully it will give that genre a little bit more respect.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Martin was also selected as USA Today’s Author of the Year for 2011: “At 63 years old, Martin has the writing stamina of a man half of his age…”

[Oh, by the way, did you see he sneaked out a chapter from the new book?]

Newsarama has six new screenshots from the new RPG due out early this year. True Achievements has more detail about the lead characters, Mors and Alester, in this preview of the parallel story lines (with screen shots). The game’s official web site is also live. [MTV Multiplayer] The game will be published in Europe by Focus Home Interactive and Canadian developer Cyanide Studio. [Total Playstation]

Here’s the first game-play trailer:


Here’s a site our own AJ (The Lush) would appreciate: The Inn at the Crossroads is a blog created by fans “Sariann” and “Chelsea”, and it focuses on Game of Fire and Icecuisine, with recipes based on the dishes served in the books. Bon appétit!

Eat too much, and you can’t fit into armor:

>>> see what I did there? <<<

FemPop has just published part 6 of a 7-part examination of the story’s treatment of women “Is Game of Thrones Sexist?” Make of it what you will.

Besides the question of sexism, there is also the blood and violence factor, which you won’t find here. You’re welcome.

And this little bit for you to chew on: season one is coming to home video soon. And it may benefit you to be our friend. I think this is where the evil laugh goes…

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