Dustin and Molly Love/Hate THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

banner_recapThe Reviews for Humans duo [more www.facebook.com/reviewsforhumans ] continues their TVD coverage for Scifi4me.  The show took a two month hiatus, the Vamps are back and so is the snark.  Enjoy!  The Vampire Diaries, ep 310, “The New Deal.”  Find rest of the season three recaps here [more www.youtube.com/scifi4me]


[Official Show Site on CW]

Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery was introduced to genre film by her dad as a kid -- if it was "Forbidden Planet" or Tod Browning's "Freaks", she can't remember which was first. She began her love affair with Vampires at age 11, and at age 12 she stopped sunbathing. A background in theater, filmmaking and sitting on her tush makes her a fairly knowledgeable nerd.

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