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Ridley Scott Returns to Sci-Fi, Brings 3D With Him

Director Ridley Scott is known to con-goers everywhere for his epic Sci-Fi films Alien and Blade Runner.  Many may not realize, however, that not since 1982’s Blade Runner has Scott directed a sci-fi film.  That has now changed as Scott works to bring the Alien prequel Prometheus to fruition.

Scott was on hand at this year’s San Diego Comic Con via remote link from the set of Prometheus in Iceland.  After a quick teaser trailer writer Damon Lindelof and leading lady Charlize Theron fielded questions and talked about the film, though many of the details are still being closely guarded.

Scott has also made clear his opinion of 3D technology in filmmaking.  “I’ll never work without 3D again, even the small dialogue scenes,” Scott was quoted as saying.  Given how varied the opinion regarding 3D is among moviegoers, this is a strong statement indeed.

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Prometheus Likely to be PG-13, Not Gory, Says Damon Lindelof

“I think a PG-13 movie can be very, very scary, but it just has to be more clever about how it’s scary.  This movie is not going to be gory.  It’s going to be a psychological underpinning of how something very, very bad is about to happen.”

The above is an excerpt from statements Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof made at San Diego Comic Con about the upcoming prequel.  During the Prometheus panel at SDCC Lindelof offered some insight into the process of creating the story for the film, as well as, what it has been like to work with Ridley Scott when the two have somewhat differing approaches to story-telling.  In the end, Lindelof is excited that the two “found a common ground” that allowed them to make a film built around a strong central idea, “deeper themes” as Lindelof puts it.

Lindelof went on to discuss the importance of realizing Scott’s vision for the atmosphere of the film, as well as, writing female roles.  While he joked, “I don’t understand women very well,” he went on to give a well thought out answer.  It sounds as though the female characters in Prometheus, led by Charlize Theron, will display the strength, complexity and even vulnerability that makes Ripley such a great heroine.

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New Prometheus Images Emerge: Spacesuits and Tiny Underwear Prominent

Some of the most memorable moments from my first full viewing of Alien included those claustrophobic spacesuits that were not facehugger-proof (that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen) and Ripley’s very-practical-for-an-interstellar-miner G-string (Hottest chick-on-alien fight ever!)

Well, these newest shots of Prometheus confirms that both should be in evidence when the movie releases in June.  Looking like they may be from an upcoming trailer, the rest of the shots offer only glimpses of the characters in various states of spacesuit- or underwear-wearing dress.  Take a look at the rest of the images, below.

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