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Episode 8 “The Pointy End”

First the Recap…

Here you go.

The following is a play, inspired by Game of Thrones, written for the stage. A very, very small stage.

“Oh George, You Rascal – Sansa”

by Mr. Smith


Lights up on a few pantomime horsemen frolicking with swords and running about willy nilly before exiting stage right

SANSA: (entering stage left) Oooooh! I’m gonna marry a prince! How lovely! He’s gonna be king and everything! I’ll have flowers all the time and servants who will do whatever I want! I’ll have lots and lots of babies and I’ll name them all Joffrey just to irritate my father who won’t let me be a Lannister. He’s such a bother. Oh well, back to my needlepoint and practicing to be a queen.

SANDOR: (entering stage right) Queen wants to see  you.

SANSA: Oh bother.

They both exit, stage left, curtain


The curtain rises on the interior of the Queen’s house. She sits at a table with a bunch of folks hanging about, looking smug.

SANSA is escorted in by SANDOR

QUEEN CERSEI: Thank you Sir Clegane

SANDOR: (sulking, to himself) I’m not a sir. Knights suck.

QUEEN CERSEI: Your dad’s a traitor. Are you?

SANSA: Ummmmmm. No?

QUEEN CERSEI: Better not be. Or else.

SANSA: Or else what?





Curtain on the throne room. Joffrey is seated on a throne made of iron swords, only due to budget constraints, the iron swords are made of wood. Queen Cersei sits at her son’s side. On a bench or cube or something. A knight stands before them. He doesn’t stand before they do, rather in front of them. They remain seated, except for the knight, who as mentioned, is standing. 

JOFFREY: I’m king now, so you’re fired.

SIR BARRISTAN: (removing his knightly vestments.) Then I quit.

PETYR: You quit naked.

The court laughs heartily, exit Sir Barristan

JOFFREY: Who’s got new business?

SANSA: Please don’t hurt my dad.

QUEEN CERSEI: Were you not paying attention at that bit before intermission? The whole “or else” bit?

SANSA: I’m just saying. Maybe he was sick or something and didn’t mean to act all traitory.

JOFFREY: Your words have moved me. I’ll be so super merciful, you won’t even know what to do, except marry me eventually. But he’s gotta apologize, you dig?

SANSA: Ummmmm. Yes?

QUEEN CERSEI: Seriously? (sigh)

Curtain. The end.

MASSIVELY AWESOME episode this week. Just thought I’d poke some fun at Sansa because compared to the rest of the character arcs in the show, hers is the most outside the norm. Here’s a girl that is finding out that being high born is essentially like having an archer’s target sewn to her shimmy. Death can come from anywhere, so she must endure to survive. Her story’s just beginning. In some ways, as you’ll find out, her story becomes the most…..well, I dare not reveal that.

I’ll have more to say next week. Sorry for the delay this week, I was having an adventure and got a late start on it. See you next week!

Mr. Smith

Here’s a preview of the next episode:

[photos: HBO – Official Show Site here]

Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith, a native of Curtistan, is an actor, whip maker, and musician.

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  • June 14, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    For a long time Parris used Sansa Stark as an online handle. She also told George he better not do any other evi things to her … but that was quite awhile after Book 1 came out!


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